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Mikuru Fixed by Taichou-Henk Mikuru Fixed by Taichou-Henk
this picture i'm posting is merely an edit!
let me tell you this little story.!

once i was surfing around the net, and deviantart
browsing through desktops..
and than! i found this lovely girl!
lying there on a 1280×1024 desktop!
i downloaded the picture, because, it's such a lovely girl!
what else should i have done?
i used Photoshop te resize her, without stretching her body (well i like small girls!!)
so i kinda editted the drawing and made it a widescreen version! ^^
it is allmost perfect, but im to tired to work on it now
i think nobody will notice the little mistake

now, i honestly can't remember whose work this is!
but it IS NOT mine!
this work belongs to its owner!
and if anyone should know whose it is, please message me!
so i can give full credit to him/her!
it is just a widescreen edit and NOT my work!
have fun ^^!
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is it the chair fold and the body?
It is the resolution
the resolution was 1024x768 so I fixed it for my resolution (for my old monitor) =D
Connorthecreator Oct 26, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Wonderful ^^ I love cute Lolis and this is the best I've seen in days!
What was it that needed to be fixed?
well the actual size was 1280×1024, i edited it so it fits wide screens, but doesn't get malformed or something
it was a load of work
Well, nice job.
haha gabe deze is niet eens zo erg, en je hebt de maat mooi veranderd hoor ^^
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